Surfing Samurai Robots, Inc. (aka Susaro) is a one-horse company that does research in intelligent systems. This includes cognitive science/neuroscience (where the target is the human cognitive system) and artificial general intelligence (where the goal is to build computational systems that exhibit intelligence).
Susaro is currently in stealth mode. If you're looking for an AI company that does not understand why the standard model in AI has been broken for fifty years, or if you think that Deep [X] is a good bet because it involves something really cool that you can't quite put your finger on but you know it is the way forward, or if you think that Cognitive Computing has anything to do with the mechanisms of cognition, or if you thought Russell and Norvig were on the level when they told you that AI finally became a true "science" when it got rid of the scruffs and became saturated with mathematics, or if you don't know why there is something called the "complex systems problem" that imposes a glass ceiling on current practices in AI ... then please go find a bar in the Valley, order another glass of the local Kool-Aid, and pick yourself some more of that oh-so-delicious low-hanging AI fruit.
But if not...
Well, you'll know what to do.